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as the global economy transforms, 

you need to be prepared to take tough decisions and move in new directions

we help diversify markets and investments

We are bicultural consulting firm committed to drive domestic and international market entry and expansion, business diplomacy, leadership transformation, and investment diversification in the United States and Mexico.

Market Entry & Expansion

Our professionals are effective advisers, mentors, strategizers, connectors and advocates who help you to analyze, solve, manage and tell a good story to the right person.

Entrepreneurs, investors, companies, exporters as well as economic development agencies can benefit from our integrated business growth and softlanding solutions to enter and expand in new markets in the United States and Mexico.

Our services are focused on analyzing opportunities, defining objectives and implementing a plan.


More importantly, we believe that we are in the "people" business. Our advisers are committed to fostering long term relationships, developing problem-solving ideas and managing integrated business solutions.

Strategic Planning

Canva - planning 2.png
  • Customer-Centric Business Strategy

  • Digital Transformation

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategic Roadmap

Business Diplomacy

  • Corporate Affairs

  • Client Relations

  • Advocacy

  • Editorial Content

  • Partnerships


Canva - city 10.jpg
  • Market Entry & Expansion

  • Lead Generation

  • Prospect Management

  • Matchmaking Agendas

  • Contact Lists (client, partners)

Marketing & Event Curation

  • Full-Production Curated Events

  • Conferences, Seminars, Roundtables

  • Brand Ambassador & Evangelist

  • Video Production, 3D Animation

  • Graphic Design and Infographics

Back Office & Administration

Canva Office 04.png
  • Incorporation

  • Administration

  • Physical Office

  • Representative

  • Business Concierge

Investment & Family Office

Investment Chart
  • U.S. Bank Accounts.

  • Investment Visas

  • Real Estate Opportunities

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Relocation


Event Curation

& Audiovisual Production

Back Office

& Administration


Tech Accelerator

Family Office

Investment & Relocation


Mexico City

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